Chorionic Gonadotropin, Human (hCG)

The Recombinant Protein Development Team at Scripps Laboratories has been working hard to engineer cell lines that produce recombinant hormones that are comparable to their native counterparts. The most recent releases are three purity levels of Recombinant hCG and a highly purified grade of Recombinant β-hCG.

Recombinant hCG Products

Scripps Laboratories is proud to offer a broad selection of recombinant and native, high quality hCG antigens. With multiple purity levels and large batch sizes, we are sure to have what you need in stock. In addition, we have monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that are currently in wide-spread use in clinical diagnostic assays worldwide. And dilution buffers are available to help protect these valuable reagents.

hCG is a versatile reproductive endocrinology biomarker with many applications in a laboratory setting. It is elevated during pregnancy, but it is also associated with trophoblastic disease and choriocarcinoma. You may read more about the physiology and function of hCG here: hCG Background