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Recombinant beta-hCG


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Recombinant Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Beta-Subunit (ß-hCG) from Scripps Laboratories is available for research use and diagnostic assay development. A global shortage in the supply of starting material for ß-hCG severely impacted the availability of this critical reagent to the diagnostic industry. Scripps Laboratories offers highly purified recombinant ß-hCG as a reliable and economical alternative to native ß-hCG. The data presented here demonstrate its suitability for assay development and large-scale manufacturing of diagnostic assays.



Figure 1 presents an SDS-PAGE of Recombinant ß-hCG. Gel staining indicates the protein is highly purified and runs at the expected molecular weight for glycosylated ß-hCG. In addition, Recombinant ß-hCG contains no visible contaminating proteins in the reduced/heated (lanes 1,2) and non-reduced/not heated (lanes 6,7) samples.





Western blot analysis demonstrates Recombinant ß-hCG is antibody-reactive under a variety of conditions. The data in Figure 2 show it retains its antibody-binding capabilities under several combinations of reduced/non-reduced and heated/not heated treatments. The gel was stained with a Scripps Laboratories ß-hCG monoclonal antibody, clone BC001, Mat. No. MC097-90000.





Native hCG is a glycoprotein produced and glycated in the trophoblastic cells of the placenta during pregnancy. Both the α- and ß-subunits of hCG are known to be highly glycosylated. Recombinant ß-hCG from Scripps Laboratories is produced in a mammalian cell line and the image at right confirms it is glycosylated. Figure 3 is an SDS-PAGE of Recombinant ß-hCG, stained for glycoprotein. The gel shows significant glycosylation, as expected.





Analyzed by HPLC, the profile of Recombinant ß-hCG in Figure 4 displays a single main peak with a retention time of 19.765 min. The profile confirms what is corroborated by SDS-PAGE: Recombinant ß-hCG is purified to a high extent and contains no significant contaminants.




The data presented here demonstrate Recombinant ß-hCG is highly purified, glycosylated, and antibody reactive. It is an economical and sustainable alternative to native ß-hCG and is suitable for research use or diagnostic assay development. In addition, it has the added benefit of being produced in a sustainable, recombinant system.


Recombinant ß-hCG is in stock and available now:

C0917-90638 - Recombinant ß-hCG, ≥95%