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Recombinant hCG & Beta-hCG


Recombinant hCG & b-hCG

Recombinant Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) and the ß-subunit (ß-hCG) from Scripps Laboratories are offered as high-quality replacements for native hCG and ß-hCG. Starting materials for native proteins continue to be in short supply, so Scripps Laboratories is producing renewable, recombinant alternatives to address this global concern. Use the links below to view data which demonstrate that Recombinant hCG and ß-hCG possess the characteristics required to make them suitable replacements for the native proteins.


Recombinant hCG

View data: Recombinant hCG data

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Recombinant ß-hCG

View data: Recombinant ß-hCG data

View products: Recombinant ß-hCG, ≥95%