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Plasma & Tissue Proteins


Scripps Laboratories offers a wide selection of plasma proteins, tissue proteins, and antibodies for the development and production of immunoassays or to assist your research in a variety of biomedical areas. Our antigens are used as calibrators and controls in assays around the world, and they are suitable for use as an immunogen in the development of your own immunoreagents. Antibodies are also available and are used in commercially-available immunoassays around the world. If you need assistance, or would like additional product information, our scientific support staff is always available to help: contact us

  • Antigens Used Worldwide in Calibrators & Controls
  • Antibodies for Research & Assay Development
  • High-Purity Proteins for Antibody Development
  • Uninterrupted Supply
  • Large Bulk Lots

Individual Products

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