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Ferritin / Apoferritin

For several decades, Scripps Laboratories offered the highest quality native Ferritin available anywhere. Native tissue shortages have disrupted our ability to continue supplying native Ferritin, but we are pleased to offer recombinant Apoferritin as a replacement. The recombinant product is highly purified, sustainable, and it performs comparably to native Ferritin.

Our Recombinant Apoferritin is the multi-subunit ferritin molecule, but it does not contain any iron atoms. It has been assayed on multiple clinical analyzers and is a suitable replacement for native Liver and Spleen Ferritin. It is ≥95% pure by SDS-PAGE and it is produced without affinity tags, so the final product is the unmodified, intact protein.

Large, bulk lots of Recombinant Apoferritin are in stock and available now.

Recombinant Apoferritin, H+L Chains, ≥95%

  • Comparable to Native Ferritin
  • Multi-Subunit Whole Molecule
  • Heavy-Chain and Light-Chain Subunits
  • No Affinity Tags
  • Large, Bulk Lots
  • Steady Supply

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