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Recombinant hTSH

Recombinant hTSH, ≥95%



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Recombinant Human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (hTSH) from Scripps Laboratories is now available for research use and diagnostic assay development. A global shortage in the supply of human pituitary glands severely impacted the availability of this critical raw material for industrial-scale manufacturing of native pituitary hormones, including hTSH. Our recombinant hTSH is highly purified and is a reliable and economical alternative to native hTSH. The data presented here demonstrate its suitability for assay development and large-scale assay manufacturing purposes.



Figure 1 presents SDS-PAGE images of purified Recombinant hTSH. Banding is consistent with the expected molecular weights of whole molecule hTSH and the alpha- and beta-subunits, under the various conditions described in Figure 1. In addition, the purified product shows no visible contaminating proteins under any of the sample conditions.





Native hTSH is a glycoprotein produced and secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Recombinant hTSH from Scripps Laboratories is produced in a mammalian cell line and is also a glycoprotein. Figure 2 is an SDS-PAGE of Recombinant hTSH, stained for carbohydrate moieties. Separation of the alpha- and beta-subunits can be seen and both subunits are confirmed to be glycoproteins.





Analyzed by HPLC, the profile of Recombinant hTSH in Figure 3 displays a single peak with a retention time of 22.066 min. The absence of any minor peaks confirms what is corroborated by SDS-PAGE, that Recombinant hTSH is a highly purified product with no discernible contaminants.




The data presented here for Recombinant hTSH show it to be an excellent alternative to native hTSH. Produced in a mammalian cell culture system, Recombinant hTSH a highly-purified, glycosylated protein. It is available in bulk supply with excellent lot-to-lot consistency.


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T0117-90642 - Recombinant hTSH, ≥95%