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BCIP/NBT Substrate

BCIP/NBT Substrate from Scripps is a ready-to-use single component substrate intended for the detection of alkaline phosphatase-labeled probes on membranes (e.g. PCR, western blot, dot blot, etc.). The substrate is a stabilized formulation of BCIP (5-Bromo-4-Chloro-3-Indoly-Phosphate) and NBT (NitroBlue Tetrazolium chloride). This solution may be used in blot applications as a substitute for 2-component substrates.

  • Fast Acting
  • Accurate, Reproducible Results
  • Stable

Instructions for Use: Do Not Dilute. This solution is provided “ready-to-use” and may not perform correctly if diluted. The substrate is light sensitive and must be protected from light during incubation with the alkaline phosphatase-labeled probe. After incubating with the alkaline phosphatase-labeled probe and washing with Tris buffer, add substrate to completely cover the membrane. Incubate membrane until a sufficient color intensity appears (typically 5-20 minutes) and stop the reaction by thoroughly washing with distilled or deionized water.

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  • BCIP/NBT Substrate

    BCIP/NBT Substrate

    This solution is provided in a ready-to-use format and must not be diluted. The substrate is light s ...

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