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Folate Binding Protein

Folate Binding Protein, Bovine



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Folate Binding Protein (FBP) from bovine milk is available from Scripps Laboratories for research use or diagnostic assay development. Bovine FBP has a high affinity for human folate (vitamin B9), making it a valuable component of clinical assays for serum folate. Folate is a key nutrient for growth, development, and the normal function of red blood cells and neural tissue. Low serum levels of folate are associated with anemia and several neurological conditions. Structurally, FBP is a single-chain monomer with multiple N-linked glycosylation sites. It contains significant glycosylation and has a MW range of 30-35 kDa.1,2 The MW variability can be seen in the SDS-PAGE data below.

1. Salter and Blakeborough. Br. J. Nutr., 1988, (59): 497-507. 2. Svendsen, Martin, Pedersen, et al. Carlsberg Res. Commun., 1979, (44): 89-99.



Figure 1 presents an SDS-PAGE image of purified native bovine FBP. Two MW variants are apparent in both the reduced/heated and non-reduced/heated samples. The two bands fall within the reported MW range of 30-35 kDa and are likely due to glycosylation differences.





Analyzed by HPLC, the profile of native bovine FBP in Figure 2 displays a single peak with a retention time of 19.453 min. The absence of any minor peaks confirms it is a highly purified protein with no discernible contaminants.





The key characteristic of FBP in a clinical assay format is its ability to consistently and reliably bind folate. Table 1 displays the purity and folate-binding activity of three lots of FBP from Scripps Laboratories. Purity is consistently 99% among all three lots and the binding activities vary by less than 10%. Purity is determined by HPLC and binding activity is assessed using a competitive-binding folate assay on a Roche cobas® 8000 instrument.




The data presented here demonstrate native bovine Folate Binding Protein from Scripps Laboratories is highly-purified protein and displays consistent folate-binding capabilities. It is isolated from bovine milk, which enables large-scale manufacturing for the long term. It is suitable for use in a research setting or in the development of a clinical diagnostic assay for folate.


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