Creatine Kinase Reagents

Creatine Kinase

Creatine Kinase (CK) is a dimeric enzyme composed of either M- or B-type subunits. The subunits, each encoded by a unique gene, associate to form three isoenzymic forms: BB, MB, and MM. These isoenzymes are expressed at different levels in various tissues in humans. CK-BB is predominantly found in brain tissue, CK-MB in heart muscle, and CK-MM in skeletal and heart muscle. (Read more about Creatine Kinase: click here)

Scripps Laboratories offers excellent CK antigens and antibodies that are currently used in cardiac test kits, worldwide, on several different assay platforms. In addition, Scripps has a vast network of raw material providers, which ensures a well-stocked inventory of starting material. This allows Scripps to produce large lots of antigen, assuring uninterrupted, continuous supply for your production needs.

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