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The Scripps Laboratories Recombinant Protein Development Team is working to develop recombinant products that are not only valuable in research, but are making a significant impact in the clinical diagnostic industry. With native starting materials in short supply, we are developing sustainable recombinant proteins that perform comparably to their native counterparts. Please use the links below to learn more.

Recombinant Cardiac Markers

For decades Scripps Laboratories led the world in providing high quality native cardiac markers. In recent years, however, human glands and organs have become difficult to procure, so we are developing recombinant forms of our high-quality biomarkers. Recombinant CK-MB and troponin T are available now and several others are in development. Check them out here: Recombinant CK-MB, Troponin T

Recombinant Hormones

Review our landmark recombinant human hormones, the first complete product line released by our Recombinant Protein Development Team. Our recombinants perform comparably to their native counterparts and they are replacing native hormones in clinical diagnostic assays around the world. Recombinant hCG, hFSH, hLH, hPRL, hTSH

Recombinant Metabolic Markers

Innovative recombinant proteins are available now for the assessment of iron and vitamin B12. As native proteins continue to be in short supply, quality recombinant replacements are essential for the evaluation of anemia and other metabolic conditions. Our recombinant apoferritin and intrinsic factor perform well and are being adopted in assay systems worldwide. Recombinant Apoferritin, Intrinsic Factor

Learn more about our efforts to develop the best-performing and most-reliable recombinants available.

Recombinants for Research & Diagnostic Applications

Learn about why we got into recombinant protein development and how our approach to product testing helps produce recombinants that are exceeding, and redefining, expectations. Recombinants for Research & Diagnostic Applications

Benefits of Recombinants

Here we present a comprehensive summary of the benefits of using recombinant proteins, outlining why you will want to make the switch, if you haven’t already. Benefits of Recombinants