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The SCRIPPS Advantage

Since 1984 Scripps Laboratories has been one of the leading and most-trusted suppliers of biological materials to the diagnostic industry and biomedical research community around the world. Scripps has an exemplary reputation for product quality, on-time delivery, customer service, and technical support. A commitment to quality reaches across all departments at Scripps and is a driving force in the company's aspiration of continuous improvement. Outlined below are just some of the characteristics that set Scripps apart from other biological reagent suppliers. Collectively, these characteristics benefit you by keeping your research, development, and production flowing smoothly and finishing on schedule. This is The Scripps Advantage.

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Tier 1 Critical Raw Material Manufacturer

Scripps is a top-rated provider of critical raw materials to diagnostic and biotechnology companies across the globe. With an exemplary record of product approval, on-time delivery, and lot-to-lot consistency, Scripps has earned the highest honors and ratings from its diagnostic and biotech customers.


Quality Above All

Scripps Laboratories is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains rigorous adherence to its Quality Management System (QMS). All processes are controlled, regular Quality reviews take place, and quality objectives are measured and maintained. As a result of our QMS, we can proudly state that some of our long-standing customers report to us that they have never had any lot of a Scripps product fail their incoming material inspections. Ever. This is true for customers to whom Scripps provides several dozen different products, spanning several decades.


Our Sales Staff are Scientists

Scripps prides itself on having an experienced and qualified staff, not only in the lab, but in the outward facing positions in the sales and marketing departments. Some of the staff hold advanced degrees, some have worked at prestigious research facilities, and others were part of our protein purification team here at Scripps. As your first line of contact, our sales staff can answer most of your technical questions immediately and they can use their expertise to help guide your choice of critical raw materials.


Broad Range of Validated Products

As a critical supplier of raw materials, scientists around the world look to Scripps first when searching for and evaluating biological reagents. Providing such products for more than 35 years, the number of individual Scripps products validated and approved by Scripps customers is often 3 to 4 dozen. This reflects the quality of the products produced at Scripps and demonstrates the depth of the trust Scripps has earned from its customers.


Same-Day Service

In most cases, off-the-shelf products can be shipped the same day the order is placed. Efficient inventory and order-processing systems enable streamlined order-fulfillment and the entire process of preparing a product for shipment can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. (Please note this is not the case for products that require custom aliquoting prior to shipment.)


Customized Solutions

While Scripps keeps a well-stocked supply of off-the-shelf products, we understand that one size does not fit all. Life would be boring if it did. If you need a custom pack size, a custom buffer, or a product purified by one particular means and not by another, Scripps has the flexibility to accommodate your needs in most cases. Contact one of our knowledgeable staff members ( to discuss your custom needs.