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Protein purification is at the heart of what we do.
Scripps Laboratories is a bulk manufacturer of high quality proteins and immunoreagents for the diagnostic industry and research community. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to producing the best possible products have led us to become one of the world’s premier providers of proteins and immunoreagents.

Experience and expertise aided growth into new fields.
Our expertise does not end with antigen purification alone. The success we achieved in the protein purification field led to the development of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. And from there came the emergence of our diagnostic development / clinical assay group, which is available to assist you in your test development efforts.

Entire product line carries the Scripps commitment to excellence.

Today, the Scripps product line includes a broad range of the highest quality Human HormonesCardiac MarkersCancer MarkersPlasma ProteinsTissue ProteinsMonoclonal Antibodies, Polyclonal AntibodiesEnzymes & BiochemicalsStabilizers & Substrates, and Dilution Buffers to protect your valuable proteins and antibodies.

Contract with us for your custom project.

Our biochemical manufacturing and diagnostic development groups offer a range of contract services for the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biomedical research communities.  These services include process development, immunoassay development and technology transfer, protein and antibody purification and evaluation, and conjugation services (including colloidal gold and enzymes). To contact us about any of these services, click here.

Learn more or contact us directly.
To learn more about Scripps Laboratories, explore our website. We have a Complete Product Listing with individual product details, plus Product Specification Sheets. If you have different specification requirements, please Contact Us with your request.






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