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Recombinant Creatine Kinase MB


Recombinant Creatine Kinase MB - 95% | Recombinant Creatine Kinase MB - partially pure

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Recombinant Creatine Kinase MB (CK-MB) from Scripps Laboratories is available for cardiac research and assay development. Native CK-MB has served the industry well for many decades, but starting material shortages have impeded purification and driven up its manufacturing cost. By contrast, recombinant CK-MB shows comparable enzymatic and specific activity, but is produced in E. coli, allowing for large purification batch sizes and cost-efficient production.

Scripps Laboratories offers high-quality Recombinant CK-MB as a reliable and economical alternative to native CK-MB. The data presented below demonstrate its suitability for research use, immunoassay development, and large-scale diagnostic assay manufacturing.



Figure 1 demonstrates the high purity of recombinant CK-MB by SDS-PAGE. The samples in lanes 3 and 4 are reduced and heated, resulting in the generation of smaller molecular weight variants. Lanes 6 and 7 are reduced, non-heated samples and show single-band purity. Major banding appears at approximately 41kDa, which is consistent with the reported molecular weight of the M and B subunits of native CK-MB.





Regarding enzymatic activity, Figure 2 is an agarose gel electrophoresis of recombinant CK-MB, stained for creatine kinase activity. The image shows clearly the absence of CK-BB and CK-MM enzymatic activity, indicating the recombinant sample is >99% CK-MB.





The specific activities of recombinant and native CK-MB are presented in Table 1. Enzymatic activity was measured kinetically by the CK-NAC assay at 37°C. CK-MB mass was measured on a Siemens Centaur CP® immunoanalyzer. The specific activity, presented as units/mg of CK-MB, was measured for multiple lots of each form of CK-MB. The results are consistent between recombinant and native CK-MB, ranging from 513 units/mg to 645 units/mg.




The data presented here demonstrate recombinant CK-MB is well-suited to replace native CK-MB in cardiac research and assay development. It matches native CK-MB in purity, enzymatic activity, and specific activity. In addition, it is produced in E. coli, enabling economic, large-scale manufacturing.

Recombinant CK-MB is in stock and available now in two purity levels:

Recombinant CK-MB - ≥95%
Recombinant CK-MB - partially pure