Luteinizing Hormone, Human (hLH)

Human Luteinizing Hormone

Scripps Laboratories is known for purifying the highest quality and most reliable hormones available anywhere. Our expertise in native hormone purification has been applied to the development of our new line of recombinant hormones. Recombinant hLH is a result of these efforts and we are excited to present it to you now.

Recombinant hLH, ≥95%

  • Glycosylated Whole Molecule
  • Produced in Mammalian Cells
  • Expressed Without Affinity Tags
  • Steady Supply

Our Recombinant hLH is produced without affinity tags, so the final product is the unmodified, intact protein. In addition, it has been assayed on multiple clinical analyzers and performs comparably to native hLH. Recombinant hLH is purified to ≥95% by SDS-PAGE and, as a recombinant, it is free from contaminating hormones, such as FSH, Prolactin, and TSH.

Scripps Laboratories offers a variety of hLH reagents for reproductive endocrinology research or for further manufacture toward the development of an immunoassay.

hLH is a versatile fertility marker, as it is useful in determining ovulation timing and is a potential indicator of reproductive dysfunction. You may read more about the physiology and function of hLH here: hLH Background

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