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Bovine Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is used worldwide in a variety of research applications. Notably, bovine TSH can be used to stimulate TSH receptors in the study of Graves’ disease and other autoimmune thyroid diseases. Published works site the use of bovine TSH with CHO, HEK, FRTL-5, and many other cell lines.

Long known for producing the world’s finest human hormones available anywhere, scientists at Scripps are now plying their expertise and care to the production of large-scale batches of TSH from bovine pituitary glands. With lot sizes of several hundred vials, you can expect steady supply, along with the consistent lot-to-lot performance you expect from Scripps products.

In addition to TSH, Scripps offers bovine FSH and LH, as well as pituitary hormones from ovine, porcine, and several other species. In many cases, multiple purity levels are available.

Scripps is a long-standing supplier to the world’s largest research reagent providers. You will find our products on their websites, but you may also buy directly from us. Use the links below to learn more.


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Bovine (bTSH)

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