Stabilizers & Substrates

BCIP/NBT - Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate

Stabilizers & Substrates

Scripps Laboratories offers BCIP/NBT Substrate plus a variety of stabilizers for use with Colloidal Gold, HRP Conjugates, Plates, Membranes, and more. Tested in our own labs, these solutions are perfect companions for many of our biological reagents. Most of the stabilizers are provided with a choice of preservatives or no preservative at all. For help selecting the correct products for your work, our scientific support staff is always available.

  • Extend Shelf-Life
  • Improve Assay Performance
  • Large Bulk Lots

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BCIP/NBT Substrate

Stabilizers for Colloidal Gold Conjugates

Stabilizers for HRP Conjugates

Stabilizers for Plates & Membranes