Prolactin, Human (hPRL)

Human Prolactin

For nearly three decades, Scripps Laboratories has provided high quality, native and recombinant Prolactin to the research and clinical diagnostic communities. Both forms of Prolactin are in widespread use in commercial immunoassays and in reproductive endocrinology labs around the world. Recombinant Prolactin was the first recombinant protein developed at Scripps. Purified to the same set of performance standards as the native form, we encourage you to evaluate our high quality Recombinant Prolactin.

Recombinant Human Prolactin ≥ 95%

  • Comparable to Native Prolactin
  • Expressed Without Affinity Tags
  • Large Lot Sizes
  • Consistent Supply

You may read more about the physiology and function of Prolactin here: hPRL Background