HRP Conjugate Stabilizers from Scripps are efficient and cost-effective ways of improving and stabilizing the performance of the HRP conjugates in your assay system. Prior to the development of these stabilizers, HRP conjugates were notoriously unstable when stored in liquid form. Shelf-lives were measured in days, not years, and conjugate performance was unpredictable.

Developed by scientists at Scripps, these stabilizers are provided as ready-to-use products, intended for the reconstitution of lyophilized HRP conjugates. Conjugates prepared using these solutions may retain peroxidase activity for up to 2 years when stored at 4°C. In addition, the stabilizers are useful in reducing background interference.

Extend conjugate shelf-life and optimize your HRP-based assay using any of these 4 solutions:

H1521 - HRP Stabilizer - No Preservative

H1522 - HRP Stabilizer - Proprietary Preservative

H1523 - HRP Stabilizer - 0.1% Thimerosal

H1623 - HRP Stabilizer - 0.1% Thimerosal, 10X Concentrate

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