• Used Worldwide in Diagnostic Immunoassays
  • Matched Pairs of Antibodies
  • PSA & PSA-ACT Complex
  • Non-Complexing, Free PSA
  • Used in Standards & Controls


PSA Antigens & Antibodies from Scripps have been critical components of diagnostic immunoassays worldwide for many decades. Large batch sizes, lot-to-lot consistency, and on-time delivery are the hallmarks of PSA-related products from Scripps. Well-characterized antibodies are available, including matched pairs for immunoassay development.

As a trusted supplier to the world’s largest clinical diagnostic laboratories, Scripps is a leading producer of PSA-related reagents. Scientists at Scripps began purifying PSA 30 years ago, and a method for the production of PSA-ACT Complex was developed at Scripps more than 20 years ago. You will find Non-Complexing, Free PSA and PSA-ACT Complex from Scripps in use as International Standards & Controls. These high-quality biological materials are always in stock and are available to you.

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