• Glycosylated Whole Molecule
  • Expressed in Mammalian Cells
  • No Affinity Tags
  • Large Lot Sizes
  • Steady Supply
  • Primary Manufacturer


Scripps Laboratories is proud to present our latest innovation, Recombinant Human Follicle Stimulating Hormone (hFSH). Produced in a mammalian cell culture system, our Recombinant hFSH is a glycosylated molecule, which more closely resembles the native protein than would hFSH produced in a system such as E. coli. Activity is determined by immunoassay on a high-throughput, clinical analyzer and each lot is ≥95% pure by SDS-PAGE. Our unique expression and purification systems allow us to produce this hFSH without the use of affinity tags, which can adversely affect the structure and function of the target protein. This translates to a protein that closely resembles the native molecule and performs better than other recombinant forms of hFSH.


Scripps is known worldwide for purifying the highest quality and best performing native human hormones. Decades of experience have given our scientific team a deep understanding of what it takes to purify human hormones, while maintaining protein integrity and preserving hormone activity across multiple platforms. This in-depth experience has guided the development of our latest products, which has allowed us to expand our established catalog offerings to focus on being a continued leader in the clinical diagnostic market.


We are currently producing large, bulk lots of Recombinant hFSH, assuring you a steady supply and consistent performance. Material is in stock and available now.


Recombinant hFSH, ≥95%