C-Reactive Protein Reagents

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) belongs to the ß-Globulin family of plasma proteins and derives its name from its ability to precipitate a group C polysaccharide of pneumococcus in the presence of Ca2+. Serum levels of CRP are elevated in a variety of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. In recent years, however, CRP has shown clinical usefulness in identifying individuals at high risk for development of cardiovascular disease and for predicting the prognosis of patients who have suffered myocardial infarction or have stable or unstable angina.

Scripps offers a choice of two purity levels of CRP antigen, plus monoclonal and goat polyclonal antibodies, for your research or assay development. Use any of the links below to learn more.



_ CRP, ≥99%


__ CRP, ≥95%


CRP Monoclonal


Goat Anti-CRP